Thursday, January 5, 2012

Alabama Cage Match Banner Complete!

I finished some highlights on parts I painted previously like the gemstones on the chalice. Then I painted the yellow thunderhammer and the rest of the stuff on the bottom. I did the copy on the bottom scroll, a quote from a battle speech.  I finished it with a tribute to all of our Battle brothers.

On the left I went with a simple Crux Terminatus.  Then I put in some name plaques for the names of the winners.  This was a fun banner to paint!

Up next I have FOUR MORE!

I just got an order in for a Space Wolves chapter banner so I will be doing another one of those, but I also got an order for 3 banners for a new gaming store.  Word Bearers preheresy, Raven Guard and WHFB Empire!  These are gona be great.

If you would like a banner for your club, group or man cave, give me a shout!


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