Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Finals

The 2012 Alabama CAGE Match Finals will be held at The Foundry.

Adrien has been 'gung-ho' about this from the moment I mentioned it to him. From boosting Prize support at a store level to getting additional Prize support via Hobby Town USA, Huntsville, he's been supporting and encouraging the development and enticing local players. The Finals will be held in mid to late March as an Invitational Only, 2 day, 5 game event and all the Alabama stores are encouraged to participate. Every effort has been made to accommodate travelers to the event.

Free entry into the Finals.
A two day event to minimize rush and maximize gamer experience.
A later start time on Saturday and a earlier start time on Sunday to allow out-of-towners time to travel.

The Foundry opened their doors September 30th and has been well received by the gaming community as a whole. I'll let Adrien tell you himself. See Here.

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