Sunday, November 20, 2011

Let the smack talk begin!

Scott from The Deep called and is planning on participating. I had a chance to stop by there again Saturday while I was visiting The Foundry. These two stores are truly close to one another and I'm thinking there is going to be some serious competition for the banner and the year long bragging rights! But they will have to battle it out against several others also seeking the prizes and glory.

Getting to talk to some of the Huntsville gamers, it became clear that there is some history and grudge matches between the Birmingham and Huntsville gamers. All healthy competitions, but I think when the dice hit the table, there's going to be more at stake than what is apparent to the onlookers.

The event is shaping up to be awesome. If you want your store to participate then get your FLGS owner or manager to get in touch. I've already contacted them, and you just need to show some interest. Unless you don't think you have the best player in the state...

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