Friday, November 25, 2011

The More The Merrier

Spoke to Paul (Legion) the other day and he is joining the ranks of stores participating in the Alabama CAGE Match.

As for now, here's the status:
Officially Participating (paid some monies):
Bud's Place (Leeds)
The Foundry (Huntsville)

Intending to Participate soon:
Crimson Castle (Tuscaloosa)
Legion (Birmingham)
Dragon Quills (Gadsden)
Visions (Montgomery)

Expressed interest but on the fence:
The Deep (Huntsville)
Fanatix (Dothan)

Fell off the earth:
Mini War Games (Fairhope)

I've spoken to Jon, the owner of Mini War Games in Fairhope,  2-3 times about the concept and interest level he thought his gamers would have. He was excited and ready to sign on the dotted line. Since then I've called four times leaving messages, left Facebook messages, MeetUp messages and attempted to reach him and the three GW 'Ard Boyz Semi-Finalists (that came to Bud's in Sept) via email. I've had no response. I encourage anyone finding any interest in getting these gamers to participate to do the same until we get some sort of response. I'm planning a trip down to Visions and Mini War Games this Sunday, if I can determine what time MWG opens.

I've already sent a friendly 'call to arms' challenge to Fanatix gamers, and received a positive response. I was down in Dothan intermittently in Sept for work and got a chance to meet some players and Phillip (the owner). They had (to my knowledge) the largest Preliminary 'Ard Boyz turnout this year. I know there's some competitive gamers in that mix.


  1. Is this still something you are doing? Mini War Games has moved to a new location and we are trying to get organized and revitalize our 40k players. Send me an FB message or email

  2. Yep, I'm prepping for the Second Annual event. Qualifiers will be held in Jan, and the Final will be in Feb at Excelsior, Hoover AL.

    I sent you an email.

    Thanks for the quick response!