Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Nine, A Call To Arms...

I got a chance to drive to Montgomery to see Visions, and then to Tuscaloosa to see Crimson Castle today. Both are very nice well kept stores, and I was impressed with both product availability and layout.  I got a game in at Crimson Castle against an ATC team member and had a blast while details of their Qualifier were taking place in the background.

I was able to get in touch with Jon (Mini War Games, Fairhope) on Saturday and he will be discussing interest amongst MWG's 40k crowd during Monday Night game night. I'm hoping that they all find interest in participating and can be added to the list of stores.

I also am waiting on Fanatix, Dothan, to get back in touch with me on whether they will be joining the ranks as well. I think more interest will be developed over time, but my gut tells me they will answer the call.

The only other store that I need more contact with is The Deep, Huntsville. Scott has mentioned twice now his intent on getting involved. I assume he's sparking interest, and planning on a commitment later this year.

If these three join the ranks, it will complete the nine. I look forward to hearing from them all.

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