Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Army Painter to provide additional prize support!

The guys at The Army Painter are tossing in some additional prize support for the Alabama Cage Match Finals. They have a great product line and we all look forward to their new line of Warpaints coming out in March 2012; they are going to match their primers 100%! Here's a brief snippet about,

With a common love for all toy soldiers and wargaming, both founders of The Army Painter share a total of 36 years gaming, painting and conversion experience.

Always having difficulties deciding what armies to field next, they have ended up with over 23 fully painted armies combined between them. Most painted in the old fashioned, hard and laboring way.

Tired of sitting around watching other people play as they were frantically painting up their next army, they decided it was time to bring proper Speed-Painting to the Hobby Scene.

Thus Quick Shade and Color Primers were born, and a new era of massed army painting in mere days were created.
Rumors has it, they plan a Tsunami of dip to hit every gaming table in the future – so everybody can enjoy what they have now: More Time for Gaming!

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