Friday, December 23, 2011

Excelsior joins the ranks!

Welcome Excelsior to the Alabama Cage Match. Their qualifier will be Sunday Feb 12th.

There's some fierce competition in the Birmingham area. I look forward to seeing everyone participate regardless of competitive level to support their local stores and community.

As of now their are 7 stores participating here's the list and their respective qualifier date.

Sat Jan 21st, The Foundry, Huntsville
Sat Jan 21st, Dragon Quills Comic Books, Gadsden
Sat Jan 21st, Crimson Castle Games, Tuscaloosa
Sun Jan 22nd, Bud's Place Games, Leeds
Sun Jan 29th, Legion Comics, Birmingham
Sun Feb 12th, Excelsior Comics Games & Stuff, Hoover
Sun Feb 19th, Visions Games, Montgomery

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