Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The time is upon us! The banner is in hand!

The Cage Match banner came in today! It looks even better in person. Now all I need is a stand to display it.

We are devising a way to have it at some of the Qualifiers for display. Come out and support your local gaming store.

With four Qualifiers in one weekend, there's sure to be exciting times ahead.

Saturday Jan 21st: The Foundry - Huntsville

Saturday Jan 21st: Dragon Quills - Gadsden

Saturday Jan 21st: Crimson Castle - Tuscaloosa

Saturday Jan 22nd: Bud's Place - Leeds

Hope everyone than can come out does!

I clarified some details regarding the Finals and army lists.... see below.

Each Finalist will need to email their army list to JBW 1 (one) week before the Finals. The lists must be received by March 17th. Confidentiality is guaranteed. This will be the list your opponent will be presented as your Army. This submitted list must match what you brought to play and your lists. The army you played at the Qualifier round does not have to be the one you play at the Finals. Feel free to adjust your lists or change to a different army. Just have your list turned in by the deadline.

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