Monday, January 23, 2012

A weekend of Qualifiers, here are some of the Finalists!!!!

Congrats to all the players that came out to support their local stores. Remember, you are competing amongst each other to determine who should best represent your store. So those of you who didn't quite make the top two should still root on your brethren. The winners this past weekend were:

The Foundry:
  1. Clay Williams (Necrons)
  2. Raymond Linton (Dark Angels)
Dragon Quills:
  1. David Hill (Dark Eldar)
  2. David Darrell (Space Wolves)
  3. Steve Surdick (Ork Boyz) (Alternate)
Crimson Castle:
  1. Matt Ragazzi (Imperial Guard)
  2. Will Clayton (Space Wolves)
Bud's Place:
  1. Shawn Williams (Imperial Guard)
  2. Ryan Johnson  (Grey Kinights) 

This weekend  Jan 29th is at Legion Comics, see you there!

In Feb, there is:

  • Excelsior on 12th and
  • Visions on the 19th!

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