Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Winners, Times, and Prizes, Oh My!!

This past Sunday we tacked on two more battle brethren to the list of Finalists. Congrats to all the players that come out to support their local stores. The finalists at this point are:

The Foundry:
  1. Clay Williams (Necrons)
  2. Raymond Linton (Dark Angels)
Dragon Quills:
  1. David Hill (Dark Eldar)
  2. David Darrell (Space Wolves)
  3. Steve Surdick (Ork Boyz) (Alternate)
Crimson Castle:
  1. Matt Ragazzi (Imperial Guard)
  2. Will Clayton (Space Wolves)
Bud's Place:
  1. Shawn Williams (Imperial Guard)
  2. Ryan Johnson  (Grey Knights) 
  1. Adam Lindsey (Black Templars)
  2. Michael Wolfe (Nurgle Chaos Marines) 

 The Finals Schedule is as below.

 Also there's a new Prize Support Contributor! Maybe you folks have heard of them...

I look forward to seeing what they toss in to support their gaming community.

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